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Fundraising Tools

To help you meet your fundraising commitment to ROW,  we provide a wealth of tools. Once registered, you’ll have access to your own fundraising webpage, which you can easily personalize. Your webpage makes it easy for donors to give and for you to ask for and keep track of donations.

We’ll also provide you with fundraising materials, including email and letter templates and step-by-step guides for holding your own fundraising events.  Whether you are new to fundraising, or an old pro, we’ve got all the tools you’ll need to not only meet, but exceed your fundraising goal.

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Download this packet for a free fundraising email template, getting started tips and more. Learn how to make lists for who to ask for funds from, create a personalized page and set yourself up for success. 

As you probably know by now, one of the quickest and easiest ways to raise funds is to send out emails and letters to all of your contacts. However, these are NOT the only fundraising ideas we have up our sleeves. Read on to see some of our “Out of the Box” fundraising ideas and events that have worked for participants new and old! 

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Double your donations with gifts from companies that match employee donations! Many companies have a matching gift program in place.  This means that your donors may be able to have their donation matched by their employer – effectively doubling their contribution towards your fundraising goal.

Social Media Downloads

Borrow these for your Facebook cover photo: