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Matching Gifts

Applying for a matching gift could not be easier.  Just follow these five simple steps:

  1. The donor should check with their Human Resources department to determine if their organization will match a donation made to Recovery on Water  (501c3 Tax ID 26-2085130 ).

  2. The donor makes his/her donation either online or with a personal check via mail along with a filled out sponsor form to:

    Recovery on Water

    1200 W. 35th Street

    Chicago, IL 60609

  3. The donor should also fill out the matching gift form from their company and mail it to ROW at the address above.

  4. Once ROW receives the filled out matching gift form, we will complete the bottom half to confirm the donation was received from the donor, and mail it back to the company. Some do this online, some do this through snail mail.

  5. The company will then process the matching gift and send their matching gift check to ROW. Congrats, you just doubled the donation!

Please Note: There are a couple things to remember when asking your donors to inquire about matching their donations.

Most companies vary in how and when they process checks – monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually.

Because of this, it is important to remember that matching gifts do not count toward your fundraising commitment until the matching check is received and processed by ROW. So be sure to handle the matching gift process early and don’t forget to ask when the check will actually be written and mailed into ROW. If the company’s HR department knows you are on a fundraising deadline perhaps they will be able to cut the check more quickly.

We recommend thinking of Matching Gifts as that extra “Icing on the Cake.” That is to say, matching gifts are wonderful to have and a great addition to what you raise with letters, emails and fundraising events. However, we encourage you to not depend on this money making it into your account before the fundraising commitment deadline since we cannot count matching gifts towards your donation total until we receive the actual check.

Matching gifts are a fantastic way to maximize your fundraising efforts. Don’t hesitate to remind your donors about this option!